About Us

Photo credit to Elfotography of Hummelstown, PA
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I'm a wife to Matt for 6 1/2 years.
I'm a mom to Oceana (5), Joshua (With the Lord, would be 4), Naomi (2), and this new little (BIG) bump.
I'm a seamstress.
I'm a knitter.
I'm an okay'ish cook. (And I love the Pioneer Woman's recipes!)
I'm an okay'ish baker. (And I love Sgt. & Mrs Hub's recipes!)
I'm driven by creativity, independence, anything unique, and bright colors.
I'm a blonde-hair, blue-eyed, 26-year-old mother of 4.
I am forgetful. But 4 full term pregnancies in 7 years will do that to you.
I am motivated by coffee. Like, good coffee. Seriously, just offer me a cup. I'll light up like a Christmas tree.
I am also motivated by sweets: chocolate, cookies, etc.
I like 60-70* weather. I am not a fan of heat: you can only take off so much before you become obscene. I am not a fan of cold: I get very cold, very easily. Unfortunately when it's 60-70* I'm usually taking Zyrtec like my life depends on it, since I have severe seasonal allergies. I really should find another season that I like.
I love roses. But all flowers are pretty. Unless they smell bad. Then they become ugly.
I am a carb-lover. You'll never catch me on a low-carb diet. It would kill me, emotionally.