Sunday, January 29, 2012

Making the best of a bad situation

This is my nearly-3-year-old model baby N. She broke her arm on Christmas night. Not sure what happened, but she fell down an entire flight of stairs and landed on that left arm. She's my little trooper. Not a tear after the initial night despite having to have three casts put on it. Calamity of errors: first one got soaked in the tub, second one slipped right off her arm. 3 casts in 4 weeks? Pretty impressive. She's still a great model, regardless.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Chorus of Angels

When I first moved to AZ with husband, we had only a Honda Scooter for getting around, so whatever was close ALWAYS won! That meant that I became a Michael's girl. Pretty much exclusively. My Wal-Mart had a slim-to-none range of Yarn, you had to take the freeway to get to Joann's, and don't get me started on my less-than-awesome experience at Hobby Lobby, so Michael's it was. I could even bus there if I needed to.

So when we were blessed with a car last summer, I was stuck in my habit, and never switched it up. I made out fairly well, and luckily enough, I could usually find the colors I wanted. Besides, with their coupons, I couldn't complain.

Until yesterday.

I went in search of one specific skein of yarn, for one specific project I was on. I knew my brand, and I knew my color, and I was dead set. MY MICHAEL'S DIDN'T HAVE IT! Not wanting to settle for a yarn I wasn't happy with, I decided to venture off into the 'unknown'. Really, the unknown was just another two miles down the road (not worth it for scooter travel). 

I had no idea what I had been missing. Instead of the ridiculously sparse foot and a half of buttons on a dark lonely aisle, there was an ENTIRE aisle of JUST buttons! Finally, I found my way to the yarn. Aisle, upon aisle, upon aisle, of every color you could want!!!

Seriously, Folks, I think I heard a Hallelujah chorus!

Needless to say, I'm hooked, and husband is crying. So much more time and money to be spent :)

Where do you shop for your craft supplies? Second hand stores? Michael's? Or do you and Hobby-Lobby get along?

Friday, January 27, 2012

Pinterest Love

Do you love Pinterest? It's perfect for my must-have-new-ideas self. :) 

Here are a few dress shapes I'm currently in love with.

Totally love the shape of this dress, but the color is probably my favorite part! I'm a big fan of green. 

Love the different collar on this one.

I love good ruffles. Hate bad ruffles. But LOVE good ruffles. I had a ruffle collar dress in the works last Easter. But I was a little overzealous with my small sizing and ended up at Target the night before Easter trying to find something that fit :( 

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Thursday, January 26, 2012


Hi Everyone! I'm Susie's little sister Havalah.

Me and my super cute husband Dahvede at Maid of the Mist last year

I handle all the crocheting for Bouncing Blossom Designs. I love all things tiny, so I adore making items for the littlies and babies. I love working on custom projects and designing things from scratch. Something you're looking for? Feel free to drop a message and I'll see what I can do!

bouncingblossom (at) gmail (dot) com

A little bit of vintage for your day

Take a look at that price. 19 cents for a package of rick rack. It's $1.49 at today. :)

A little vintage flare for a brand new dress.

Monday, January 2, 2012

New apron

More aprons in the works.

These aprons are great for photo shoots, the kitchen, and for dress up!

3T-4T Black on white damask with deep purple satin ruffles and fully lined pockets.

This item is sold, but more will be coming available in the shop.

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