Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Chorus of Angels

When I first moved to AZ with husband, we had only a Honda Scooter for getting around, so whatever was close ALWAYS won! That meant that I became a Michael's girl. Pretty much exclusively. My Wal-Mart had a slim-to-none range of Yarn, you had to take the freeway to get to Joann's, and don't get me started on my less-than-awesome experience at Hobby Lobby, so Michael's it was. I could even bus there if I needed to.

So when we were blessed with a car last summer, I was stuck in my habit, and never switched it up. I made out fairly well, and luckily enough, I could usually find the colors I wanted. Besides, with their coupons, I couldn't complain.

Until yesterday.

I went in search of one specific skein of yarn, for one specific project I was on. I knew my brand, and I knew my color, and I was dead set. MY MICHAEL'S DIDN'T HAVE IT! Not wanting to settle for a yarn I wasn't happy with, I decided to venture off into the 'unknown'. Really, the unknown was just another two miles down the road (not worth it for scooter travel). 

I had no idea what I had been missing. Instead of the ridiculously sparse foot and a half of buttons on a dark lonely aisle, there was an ENTIRE aisle of JUST buttons! Finally, I found my way to the yarn. Aisle, upon aisle, upon aisle, of every color you could want!!!

Seriously, Folks, I think I heard a Hallelujah chorus!

Needless to say, I'm hooked, and husband is crying. So much more time and money to be spent :)

Where do you shop for your craft supplies? Second hand stores? Michael's? Or do you and Hobby-Lobby get along?

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