Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Freezer Paper Stencil Super Cape Tutorial: Entry #4

So you've made it! You have a finished cape and you have your freezer paper letters ready to go. This is the last step!

For this portion of the project you'll need:

Your finished apron
Your finished freezer paper stencil
Fabric paint (I used Tulip Soft)
A foam paint brush
Something sharp (not your exacto knife) like a seam ripper or pin.
An iron
An ironing board

Lay your freezer paper down in the middle of your cape. Be sure to center your words on the cape and pay attention to centering them if you are using more than more line of word, like I am here. 

Now with a warm iron and no steam, iron down your pieces. Be sure that everything stays flat and does not wrinkle up or turn over. 

With a seam ripper, pin, or other sharp object (I wouldn't recommend the exacto knife, as you may cut through your fabric), cut out the pieces holding your inside portions.

Get your foam sponge and paint. I used Tulip Soft fabric paint and a 1" foam brush. 

Paint over your lettering. Be careful not to hit the fabric beyond your stencils. Like I did. Once you have finished painting you can peel off your stencil (I didn't even wait for it to dry). 

Hang to dry

And that's it! Congratulations!

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