Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Megan Neilsen Maternity

Check it out! I made this shirt using Megan Neilsen's maternity shirt pattern. Super cute, right? 32 weeks of bump right there folks. :)

Please ignore the "creative ambiance" .... otherwise known as clutter.


  1. That is super cute! Could it be made with short sleeves? Is this something you might be adding to bouncing blossom designs or something you just made for yourself?

    1. Erin, in the future I may make them, but I'd have to check with Megan if this is a "sellable" product, since it's her pattern design. Currently my machine doesn't like jersey fabric (this shirt) so until I get a serger, it's on the back burner. It took a lot to get this one together because my machine refused to cooperate.

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  3. Susie! That looks fantastic! I'm so glad you enjoyed the pattern and I love how you made the sleeves longer :)

    Thanks for blogging about it!

    Megan XOXO