Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pinterest Love - Babies and Children

Source: via Susie on Pinterest

Love the look here.

What a neat and modern way to add a large bow detail. Even with such a large bow, it looks nothing like the 1989 monstrosities that I wore as a child. :)

Source: via Susie on Pinterest

There's nothing like a big dress on a little girl. I love mixed patterns in matching colors! Yay for quilting fabric lines!

Source: via Susie on Pinterest

This week's dress favorite. I'm planning to copy this design concept for my girls' Easter/Birthday dresses (what luck that it all falls into one week, along with my due date....)

I made one of these for my 2 year old over the winter. It's adorable! But I should have made it for my 5 year old since Miss 2 isn't really in to cuteness. "But it's so pretty!" is completely lost on her. :)

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