Saturday, February 18, 2012

Freezer Paper Stencil Super Cape: Entry #1

I have seen quite a few tutorials about freezer paper stencils and I keep telling myself I'll try it. Well with two little four-year-olds I know having birthday parties this week, there was no time like the present! Here's my version of a freezer paper stencils. 

Needed for this portion of the project:
**Printed letters. I printed the whole alphabet at around 200 point font. I'll save them and reuse them. 
**An exacto knife
**Freezer Paper
**A piece of cardboard or a self-healing cutting mat
**A pen or pencil

Place a sheet of freezer paper, shiny-side-down over your alphabet page. 
**Ignore the doodles. My kids got hold of my paper before I got back to the table**

Trace your letters. Try to place your letters exactly as you want them in your stencil (ie. Line up the bottoms of the letters).

If you're not paying attention to your starting point, you'll end up with one extra letter to add on the end. Oops. 

The finished product.

Place your freezer paper over a piece of cardboard, or better yet a self-healing cutting mat. I want one, but haven't been able to justify the expense just yet. Soon...

Use your exacto knife to cut the letters out. 

Keep in mind that for letters like "B", "P", and "R" you'll need to leave a small piece to attach the middles to the outside portion. I'll show you how to remove these pieces in another post. All the entries will be linked to each other when they are finished.

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